Who am I?

Camille Ramos is an Ayurvedic massages therapist trained by the Jiva Institute of Faridabad (India). In 2015 she discovered the Vedic culture and studied Ayurveda, Panchkarma and Ayurvedic cuisine at the Jiva Institute with Dr. Partap Chauhan, Dr. Keshav Chauhan, and Dr. Garima Khajanchi. She then created Hina Ayurveda to share her knowledge of ayurvedic massage.

The benefits of Ayurvedic massage

Historically, Ayurveda is a centuries-old holistic health art known as "the mother of medicines". Ayurvedic massage, based on hot oil, can be practiced on the whole body as well as on specific parts.

Relieves anxiety and stress

Improves recovery and sports performance

relieves circulation problems and joint pain


Udvartana - Burning Fat Massage

60€ / 1h

Abhyanga - Whole Body Massage

50€ / 1h

Shiro Abhyanga - Head massage

40€ / 45min

Pada Abhyanga - Feet massage

40€ / 45min

Apta Abhyanga - Hands massage

30€ / 30min

Choti Abhyanga - Back massage

30€ / 30min

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  • I tested for curing my insomnia, and the practician suggested me to take the head and foot massage.

    It is a TRUE massage ! Not just few superficial caresses that we're used to see in usual spas, the movements press deeply the skin.

    Immédiate results : relaxation, loosening, welfare and significant decrease of stress.

    Results after 48h : falling asleep much easier at night, and naps can be easily taken (witch was impossible before, so I must admit there is an enhancement !).

    In a nutshell, I'm satisfied and I looking foward to going back !

  • Struggling with pain for years because of multiple injuries, the massage had a deep relieving effect on me (plus the fact that I fell asleep 3 times during the session !) and brought me a lot of benefits for my physical activities the days after. More complete than a Thaï massage and less expansive, and very dynamic ( the practician was exausted at the end of the session haha)

    More efficient than a kinesitherapist for relieving tension.

  • I was well welcomed.

    The warm and professional ambiance made me feel at ease. I came because a friend had already tested and advised me this for finding a new balance with my new job. I didn't know what he meant but after the massage I understood...

    Very professionnal, I recommand.